Honey Cake

I’m not sure about anyone else, but I absolutely LOVE honey cake.  It’s one of the things that I always buy when I go to the German market.  My older son loves it as well, so if I ever want any when I buy it, I have to buy at least 2 of them so i can get some.

I’ve been wanting to try and make honey cake for a while now, but every time I try goggling it, it always comes up with the Russian version, which is a lot of thin honey graham wafers, layered with a sour cream frosting type stuff.  This is not what I’ve been looking for.

Then a couple of weeks ago, during the Christmas break, I decided to try searching again, as I really wanted to make a honey cake.

Well, low and behold I found a recipe at Smitten Kitchen.  And it looked like the dark, rich, spicy cake I’m used to having.  So this is the recipe I went with.

It’s perfect, we absolutely love it!  It’s moist and spicy, just perfect!.  There really isn’t anything I changed, other than I used Cognac instead of whiskey or rye as we didn’t have any of that in our home, but conveniently we have a tonne of cognac as all the guys that work for my husband seem to give him bottles of either taquilla or cognac as a Christmas present.

As well, I also baked the cake(s) off in three 6″ pans, instead of 3 loaf pans or two 9″ square pans or one sheet pan.  There are many options here.  I figured we could eat one now, I could freeze one for later and my husband could take one to work for the guys.  (He took one of the Apple Cakes that I made on Monday into work and the guys had it completely consumed within 20 minutes of him putting it out!!). Just a note – I had to bake my cakes just over an hour (1 hour 5 minutes), as I was using a 6″ pan that was 3″ high, so it took longer to bake.  Just remember when adjusting the pan size, you have to adjust the baking time.  If it’s a smaller pan you would think it would be a shorter bake time, but if it’s a taller pan, as is the case for me, it actually takes longer to bake properly.

This recipe is a definite keeper and can be found here.

I actually didn’t bother with taking pictures, as this is such a simple recipe, just dump everything into your stand mixer and mix until thoroughly combined.  It was so easy!  And I love easy recipes.  Unlike the chocolate cake fiasco I had yesterday, which resulted in a serious mess – I was trying to be proactive and bake off some chocolate cakes for my younger son’s birthday next month.  Well, the recipe said it was for one cake, so I tripled it to make 3.  Yeah, there was so much batter, I could have used one recipe to make 3 cakes, but not realizing this, I divided it up between the three pans and well, thankfully I had my cake pans on top of sheet pans in the oven, so the sheet pans caught all the overflowing mess.  Needless to say, shit happens and I still need to make my son’s birthday cake.  Next week!

Have a great weekend – and make this cake, you won’t be disappointed!


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  1. Swarnima says:

    Wow..I’ve only had honey cake once, and wondered: what if you add some cinnamon? 🙂

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    1. It’s so good, I’m not sure I’ll have to go buy it anymore.


  2. Never had or heard of a honey cake before sounds and looks really good though! Really cool idea my husband and I love honey usually only put it in sauces or on biscuits definitely something we will have to try! lol 🙂

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    1. It’s a lot like a spice cake, just made with honey so I has that undertone.

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      1. That sounds delicious! Love spice cake 🙂

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