It’s my mom’s birthday on Monday and without thinking I told her I would make her a birthday cake.

Then I had a bit of a problem.   My eczema flared up and I made the mistake of grabbing the wrong bottle from the linen closet, so instead of putting lotion on my arms, I put body wash on them.   Needless to say, I burnt my arms really badly and didn’t realize my mistake.   I spent a week trying desperately to get my arms to heal, then I made the mistake of using what I thought was the lotion on my arms again, as well as my stomach.

I had to go to the doctor on Monday to get help.   I have never in my life felt so stupid.  

But finally, after almost 2 weeks, my arms are starting to heal.   So today I made my mom’s birthday cake.   Now all I have to do is get my dad to come over tomorrow and pick it up.

And I have made sure never to mix up lotion and body wash again.   

Happy Birthday Mom!


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  1. itsangie says:

    Great cake, it looks fantastic!!

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