Long Weekend

Hopefully everyone (in Canada) had a nice long weekend, aside from the rain and snow.  We had such high hopes for getting tonnes of things done, at least my husband did.  He sprung it on me that he wanted to tear up our backyard, which for the past 20 years has been used as a playground for your boys.  Over the years there has been a swing set, several different sized pools, a trampoline and currently half our backyard is covered in pavers to be used as a ball hockey court.  Well, all those big hopes went down the drain when my husband had to work all weekend.

My plans were to actually for the first time in about 5 years, put some actual flowers in our flower bed in front of our house.  I took a trek to Golden Acres and purchased flowers, plants, dirt and some shredded bark.  Hurt my back trying desperately to get the dirt in my tiny little car, had my older son unpack everything from the car when I got home and proceeded to lay down and rest.

Sunday morning came around and I decided before my husband left to go in to work, we would go for breakfast (this is the only way I see him lately on the weekends is if I make a scheduled meeting with him for breakfast) and afterwards we went over to Ikea to check some things out.  We don’t have a garage, and really no real storage, so we have to get really creative around here when it comes to finding places for things to go.  Shelving is a must around here.  We checked out some wall units for the basement (to replace one that is there now which takes up way too much space) and a storage unit for the kitchen where we have had bar stools for the past 20 years (something no one in the 20 years they have been there have actually sat on).  Speaking of breakfast, my husband loves meat (bacon especially) and as soon as we walked in to Denny’s there was a sign stating they had Maple Bacon Sundae’s, so for his appetizer before his breakfast, he got himself a maple bacon sundae.  Yes I tried it, and it was awesome!


After we got home and my husband left to go to work, I decided I would make a treat for my boys, so I whipped up a chocolate cake mix and left it out over night to cool and dry out.  Monday, as my husband was at work again, I whipped up some cake pops for my boys.  I hadn’t made these in a couple of years and it was nice to know it is still as easy as I remember.  I make mine slightly smaller using a small scoop (I believe it’s a 1 Tbsp. measure, but don’t quote me on that) and always consistently get 70 cake pops out of one cake mix.  This way my boys get a treat and my husband takes the remainder to work for the guys, who apparently had to work the entire long weekend.

Tuesday rolled around and it was back to work for me.  My husband actually took Tuesday off so he could get some things done.  First things first, I made him go back to Ikea to purchase the items we had looked at on Sunday.  (I made sure to mark down exactly what aisle and bin they were in, so that he could just go in, grab and leave – he has absolutely no patience).  Once he got home and I was done working for the day, we set up our new cabinet for our kitchen.  Yay, more storage!!  I get excited over the most silly things in life.

Now we’re back to work and I have a bunch of boxes from Ikea still laying on my living room floor, because we still need to finish tearing out the ceiling in the basement (we had a leak from our kitchen sink which we had to tear out half the ceiling to get at it) and now we need to tear out the remaining ceiling, so that we can put in a drop ceiling, which I had suggested to begin with, so if there is ever another leak it won’t destroy the entire ceiling.  So once that is done, we can start to get the other furniture put together and set up properly down in the rec room in our basement (or as my younger son likes to call it – his new bedroom).  We have holidays in July and I’m making sure my husband actually takes them this time, or at least I’m gonna try!

Have a great week everyone!


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