Taco Buns


I used to buy these for lunch in the supermarket, but they are so easy to make and freeze amazingly.  

Start off by frying up the meat of your choice (beef, turkey or pork).  

Once the ground meat has fully cooked and slightly browned add in the spice mix.  (I cheat and use a packaged taco seasoning mix).  Sprinkle this over the meat and stir it around and let it cook for a minute to “wake up” the spices.





Normally this calls for 1 cup of water, but because we’re stuffing this into buns, I only use a little over half a cup of water.   And cook this until all of the liquid has evaporated.



Once the meat mixture is cooked, allow this to cool to room temperature so it is easier to work with.  

Next up, preheat your oven to 375 degrees F.  

Now you could definitely whip up a batch of bread dough, or even use frozen bread dough from the grocery store, I love to use Pillsbury biscuits.  I use these biscuits for mini pizzas as well.  I even sometimes use them for biscuits.


What you want to do is roll the biscuits out as thin as you can get them.

I used mozzarella because this is what we had at home, but you can use whatever cheese you want.  

Taking one biscuit at a time, spear a small amount of hot sauce on it and then scoop some meat on top and sprinkle in some cheese.



The pull four sides together and pinch in the middle.   Then pinch the seams together.  Finally, pull the four corners in together and pinch together.  

Place the buns seam side down on a parchment lined baking sheet and bake for 25 minutes, rotating the pan half way through.   

Allow these to cool slightly and then you can eat right away, or you can wrap them in foil and freeze then, then just wrap in a paper towel and reheat in the microwave until nice and hot.   



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