Minecraft Cake

There are 3 people on this planet I would do anything for, two of them are my boys, the other one is my nephew.  He just turned 9 and is obsessed with Minecraft.   

About a month or so ago my younger sister and I were at a craft fair when she saw and bought him a Minecraft cake pop.  I say it looked pretty plain and thought, huh I can do that.  I should stop myself when I have those thoughts.   But I don’t stop myself, so I told my sister, hey I can make him a Minecraft cake for his birthday party.  Piece of cake.  

Well, when I got home I did a quick search and realized very fast this was not going to be as easy as I first thought.  

I started planning things out, I had to buy new baking pans because I didn’t have the right size.   I could have made the fondant myself, but I can never get the colour red right, so I ended up buying all of the fondant that I was going to need (red, light green, dark green, black and white).  I also needed a big cake board to put everything on.

Next came planning out the patterns.  I tried drawing it out and ended up using my computer, that way I could plan where the colours would go and exactly how many squares of each colour I was going to need.  This helped me out a lot (although it didn’t help my stress building up to the day I had to build the cakes).  

 About a week ago I baked off the cakes and then wrapped them really well and froze them.   I took them out of the freezer and placed them in the fridge the night before the big build.  

The morning of the “big build” I started off by making a chocolate buttercream.   Normally I would make a Swiss meringue buttercream but this cake is for 9 year olds, so I went with a traditional icing sugar buttercream.  

Once that was all whipped up, I started to level and layer my cakes.  




Then fill and crumb coat and finish ice them.   
 Next, while the cakes were chilling out in the fridge, I started rolling out the fondant and cutting it into the squares.   There were a lot of squares.

 Next came decorating the cakes.  I actually ran out of buttercream so I opened a can of Duncan Hines frosting to put a skim coat on the cakes so I could stick the squares to the cake.   The extra squares on top were adhered using piping gel very sparingly.

 Then came the little extras (TNT blocks, creeper blocks and Sebastian’s name with candles).

Everything was placed on the big cake board (the cakes have a bit of frosting underneath them to anchor them to the board, the decorations have piping gel gluing them in place). 


From start to finish this took about 4 1/2 hours.   I love that kid and I would only do something like this for him (but I never again).  

Sorry, no recipe with this one, just wanted to document this experience.  


4 Comments Add yours

  1. this looks fantastic! Looks like a lot of work, holy cow! I’m sure your nephew is going to love it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. I was a lot of work. I’ve never been so exhausted just building a cake. He’s already seen it and loves it, so it was definitely a success. Now it just has to make it to his party tomorrow.


  2. Carl says:

    That’s very sweet of you. (Pun intended.) I can tell how much work you put into it. It looks great!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. He’s worth every bit of stress it put me under.

      Liked by 1 person

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